[Cover title of Leading Groups Online]Across the globe, people are being asked to lead groups online: teachers, trainers, professors, event managers, organizers, activists.

350 Global Trainings Associate Director Daniel Hunter and Jeanne Rewa swiftly wrote a booklet for this moment: LEADING GROUPS ONLINE: a down-and-dirty guide to leading online courses, meetings, trainings, and events during the coronavirus pandemic.

Available for free ebook download or purchase a print copy.

Share knowledge, build relationships and lead effective workshops.

NEW! Essential Education: Online Skill-ups

Having Climate Change Conversations

Practice a simple, four step process to convince someone to act on climate change

Intro to Campaigning

Develop a good sense of what makes a grassroots campaign and think through key questions to run your own campaign

Climate Change Science 101

Learn to think like a scientist in order to understand and explain the causes of climate change

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