Online Monster Manual

A treasure trove of online interactive and participatory tools in one place

Purple friendly monsterThe most comprehensive Online Training Monster Manual — over 80 tools to make your workshops and events more participatory and interactive! The Monster Manual features common tools like spectrum of allies, pillars of support, polls, and online spectrums. It includes speciality organizing tools for analysis and tactic generation like paper plate challenge and Action MadLibs. It boasts a wide number of energizers guaranteed to lift your online events!

(This version designed for use with Zoom + Google slides, but you can of course adapt and use.)


These tools are used well in conjunction with the lessons from the free booklet Leading Groups Online.


Usage: Given freely to movement use by — free for any non-profit usage as long as you link to this page and use it for non-commercial progressive/revolutionary social change.

A note on credit: The content is created by Daniel Hunter but adapted from material from Leading Groups Online, Training for Change, 350 internal trainings, and external allies and friends. A huge amount of this was learned from the unparalleled Jeanne Rewa. We’ve tried to note credit wherever possible.