Resources for Care and Resilience

tools to support us journeying climate grief, despair, hope, rage, caring, loving, and staying grounded


We have to overwhelm the world, not ourselves, with those “little bits of good” that Desmond Tutu talks about. Show care to ourselves and to others, as a simple intention from our heart, and then honoring it through everyday actions, nurture our love, liberation, interdependence, and regeneration to reimagine our culture, economies, communities, and our relationship to the web of life. Express love because through it, individuals find their center, core, power.

The health of body, mind and heart is continuously affected by trauma, violence, stress, fear, diet, environment, daily news, and the challenges of life. The following simple exercises are offered for use at times when we feel stressed, distressed, overwhelmed or scattered. These tools are for all of us, whether we are survivors of trauma, activists confronting injustice and oppression, caregivers working with others or persons overwhelmed and stressed by daily life.