Understanding your climate grief and anxiety

You have every right to be fully in climate grief and despair. Feeling ungrounded is a common feeling these days. Let’s take it in. Don’t push it away. Feeling angry, anxious, fearful, means we’re empathetic. These are our natural responses to the loss and devastation produced by the climate crisis. So let’s not harm ourselves by keeping our feelings at bay. 

Our grief and our anxiety can be signs of love. What matters is what we do once we feel it. Bringing our full humanity onboard is what can create space for us to see the other side – our commitment to life, love and connection. Life speaks through us for the sake of its future. 


Let’s learn from two leading experts on climate psychology what they have to say about it:

To learn more about Caroline’s work: caroline-hickman.com

To learn more about Leslie’s work: lesliedavenport.com

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