Trainings Skill-ups

Educate yourself! Become an expert on climate change and social change, and learn the actions you can take to help.

Climate Change

Having Climate Change Conversations

Practice a simple, four step process to convince someone to act on climate change, including talking about how climate change is impacting people's lives and connecting those stories to the broad story that science is telling us


Climate Change Science 101

Learn to think like a scientist in order to understand and explain the causes of climate change


How Social Change Happens

How Social Movements Win

Understand how a social movement can win, even when a movement like ours is fighting the rich and politically connected fossil fuel industry


Introduction to Campaigning

Develop a good sense of what makes a grassroots campaign and think through key questions to run your own campaign


Advanced Campaigning Lessons

Understand more about how campaigns are waged and learn advanced campaign techniques from real-life case studies


Special Courses


Learn about fracking, what's bad about it and how companies defend it; and use that knowledge to hone how you would talk to others about fracking



What divestment is, how it works, and the basics of running a divestment campaign


Orientation to the Skill-ups

Skill-Ups Tutorial

Feeling a little tech shy? Get comfortable navigating the skill-ups and find out what to expect and what you can learn from the skill-ups


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This is an innovation in online teaching. These lessons are more interactive than academic courses and allow anyone to participate at anytime anywhere — so very different from in-person trainings. We decided that instead of calling them online trainings or online courses, a new name was needed. We call these online skill-ups because they are designed to skill you up. Read more about our philosophy of these innovative courses.


These courses are intended to be accessible to everyone. They can work on phones, tablets, computers and more, and work with high-quality internet and small bandwidth. They meet accessibility criteria regardless of disability, conforming to Section 508 in the United States, and the Equality Act in the UK. If you have any technical troubles or appreciations, please leave us a note.