Enhancing Your Digital Connections

Many people are finding themselves exhausted from the never-ending video calls and virtual experiences. It is not that they do not want the option of connecting in digital spaces, but that they are finding them emotionally and energetically costly. It is crucial for you to pace yourself in this time of physical distancing.

Activities to enhance communication:

  • Scan your wellbeing. Are you ready to engage in an online conversation? If not, consider some breathing techniques to calm your body or honor your body and don’t do it.
  • Ask yourself if you are an attentive and present listener. Listening is an essential tool and too often an overlooked component of communication.
  • Make a recording of your voice during ordinary conversations. See how much you will talk and how much you will listen, whether you interrupt or falter on your speech. Notice your tone of voice. If you did not recognise this person you hear, what would you intuit about them from the voice?
  • Do neck rolls. The neck is the narrowest part of the torso. Much of the time it acts as a filter for the abundant flow of energy between the mind and the body. This causes it to be extremely subject to tension and stiffness. Loosening the neck is an essential beginning for any work related to communication. It adds a lot of value to loosen the neck every day. Lift your head up away from your shoulders and then slowly roll your head in a circular motion, stretching your neck. Stop at any point that feels tense or uncomfortable, and massage with our fingers. Pause in the right places until it relaxes, repeat this process, going both clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  • If you are the one facilitating, mix up your participation formats so that both facilitators and participants do not get exhausted by the same communication style. A special trick is to include self-led activities like journaling, drawing on paper, embodiment activities, or reflection activities. Those give you time to take a breath and regroup or adjust your plan.
  • Online meetings can be a lot of fun! Here are a few ideas to make your meetings exciting, educational, and effective.  A meeting—whether online or face-to-face—is a precious use of time. Only schedule a meeting if you are clear on why you need one and what its goals are. You can also check over 350’s Online Monster Manual with over 80 tools to make your workshops and events more participatory and interactive!