Minding your body with self-massage

Self-massage is an easy way to stimulate your body's energetic channels to relieve tension, mild pain and discomfort. Your body is the place you wake up in every day. It is your primordial household, your temple, the place that you can go back and find safety when things get rough. Your body knows even when your mind does not.

Many of us have become so disconnected to our bodies that we forgot how to feel our emotions. Ignoring our bodies makes us forget the need to rest and ground, which makes us lose touch with our spirit. Self-massage can be a way for you to start to feel more in tune with your own body. 

With both hands on the ankles, rub the area until it becomes warm, and then do the same with the wrists, first with one hand on the left wrist and end with the left hand on the right wrist.

  • Knees and elbows: rub your knees with both hands in a circular motion, then the elbows. 
  • Scalp: rub with the fingers of both hands moving from the front towards the back.
  • Ears: place pressure with the thumb and index finger in the form of tweezers.
  • Upper back towards the neck: with the hands explore painful points and put pressure on them. 
  • In the center of the chest, with the fingers together, give light blows in order to stimulate vitality, and in moments of anguish, with the thumb apply pressure 9 times.
  • Lying on the floor on a blanket, massage the spine, draw up the legs and swing the spine forwards, backwards, from one side to the other. Another way is with the body stretched out, take in air, draw up the legs and lower them again, exhaling; inhale and again draw up the legs and lower them to the floor 5 times in succession or more often, according to how you feel. 
  •  To diminish a sense of obsession, give soft blows with the knuckle of the ring finger to the crown.
  • Breathe and let out sighs, relax and get rid of anxiety.