Climate impact stations

Give people awareness of the varied climate impacts

Time: 1 hours to 1.5 hours Group Size: 10-100+ people

Materials needed: At least 5 tables, printouts of Climate Impact Stations*, timer

Prep: Put the printed materials for each topic at separate tables around the room to make the stations


*Adapt these impacts as appropriate. You can add or remove depending on your locality, context, audience.


(One option to break the group into smaller groups) Challenge the group to line up across the room in order of their birthday (not birth year, just month and day)… but without speaking. Once the group has settled, have each person say their birthday out loud to see if they ended up in the right order. Celebrate the group!  Then ask them to split into five groups of about equal size, based on those with birthdays nearest to them. 


Introduce that the group will be moving through several stations about climate impacts. 


The stations are:

  • Sea Level Rise and Melting Ice
  • Ocean Warming and Acidification
  • Extreme Heat
  • Storms
  • Shifting Seasons, Habitats & Climatic Zones


At each station, the group should review the provided information about this impact of climate change. They may choose to have a member of the group read out loud.  Then the group should discuss: What are some ways this will impact (or is already impacting) people they know? 


After about 10-12 minutes, rotate stations.  Repeat again every 10-12 minutes so each group gets to visit all five stations. 


After the last station, invite everyone to take a few minutes to journal on their own. How will the changes they learned about in these stations impact them personally in the future? What impacts are they already seeing?